Bitness Casual

My boy Fast Eddie recently sent me the following plea for assistance: King: I’m have a breakfast tomorrow calling for business casual. None of these looks work for me Any tips? My friend, I am here to help. Lets begin by dissecting the phrase “Business Casual”. Business comes from the latin root word “Businea”, […]


Check me out, this shirt is on FIRE!  Don’t worry, it’s not really on fire, it just has awesome flames embroidered on it.  This is a totally hot look suitible for the club, but be aware you may have to explain to the doorman that the flames are not real, and there is no real […]

I am the King of all Fashion

You better know that I’m the King of all Fashion. What does that mean to you?  Stick around and you might learn something. Consider me a life coach. Confidence, it’s all about confidence. It’s hard being the King of all Fashion, but someone’s got to do it. Better know that.