"You got to believe in yourself, believe that you look good, sport that look you been rockin’ and don’t give any ground to the haters that are jealous of you. That’s what I do, and look where I am now, self crowned King of all Fashion."

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Bitness Casual

My boy Fast Eddie recently sent me the following plea for assistance: King: I’m have a breakfast tomorrow calling for business casual. None of these looks work for me http://tinyurl.com/djabpo Any tips? My friend, I am here to help. Lets begin by dissecting the phrase “Business Casual”. Business comes from the latin root word “Businea”, […]


Check me out, this shirt is on FIRE!  Don’t worry, it’s not really on fire, it just has awesome flames embroidered on it.  This is a totally hot look suitible for the club, but be aware you may have to explain to the doorman that the flames are not real, and there is no real […]

I am the King of all Fashion

You better know that I’m the King of all Fashion. What does that mean to you?  Stick around and you might learn something. Consider me a life coach. Confidence, it’s all about confidence. It’s hard being the King of all Fashion, but someone’s got to do it. Better know that.