Thoughts turn to warmer fashion.

Spring is nearly upon us.   Time to start thinking of what sort of look we’re gonna rock for the spring and into the summer.

When you’re built like me, you jump at the chance to wear something without sleeves.  Not to be confused with the “Hardlegger Shirt” which we’ll be detailing in a future post, a tasteful tank top is just the ticket.   As soon as the temperatures rise at all, I eschew the sleevage that holds me hostage during the winter months, and unleash these beasts for the world to see.

Oh, I can hear you now “But King, what if I’m NOT built like you?”  Well, if you’ve been paying attention at all to the lessons learned from this site, you now know that confidence conquers all…well that and a little “Pancaking” (the act of pushing your bicep with your free hand behind it, in effect making your muscle seem larger than it actually is)




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