Bitness Casual

My boy Fast Eddie recently sent me the following plea for assistance:

King: I’m have a breakfast tomorrow calling for business casual. None of these looks work for me Any tips?

My friend, I am here to help.

Lets begin by dissecting the phrase “Business Casual”. Business comes from the latin root word “Businea”, which means “to do some boring shit and hopefull get real paid”. Casual is based on the French word “Casualteu”, which means “to kick it like Tribe does”.

So, based on these concepts, what article of clothing expresses the concept of “business” better than any other? That’s right, a Bubblegoose Jacket!

A bubblegoose such as this one, by Patagonia, is the ultimate in professional business wear.   That being said, this still doesn’t solve our problem of needing something both “business” and “casual”…

Never fear, that is why you’ve come to me, the King of all Fashion. What you need is a bubblegoose VEST!

Taking the sleeves off anything immediately makes it more casual. So I give to you, the best business casual look you could ever hope for:


Notice I’ve paired the vest with a hip ‘skinny tie’, a slick pair of tortoise colored shades, some plaid shorts, and brown square toed dress shoes from Target.

Fast Ed, you will not fail to impress with this hybrid look. Your breakfast companions will be thinking to themselves “How does this dude look so professional, but also so laid back?”

When they tell you that your impeccable style is certain to get you real paid, don’t forget to tell ’em you got this look from your good buddy the King of all Fashion….and tell them to give me a dollar too.


4 comments to Bitness Casual

  • yamster

    dude u look like broody jenner
    and ur cardboardlove page is awesome

  • Katie

    So I stumbled upon your awesome website after googling “business professional dress” and your look for that occasion is simply stunning. I’m considering replicating it, except in a female version (add a bra? and some heels with the socks). It would be pretty sweet if you gave some of your amazing style tips to us chicks.

    Love the posts..

  • JamesD

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  • Christine

    awesome. Patagonia? AND you can go climb mountains after breakfast. Should be business climbing casual.

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