"You got to believe in yourself, believe that you look good, sport that look you been rockin’ and don’t give any ground to the haters that are jealous of you. That’s what I do, and look where I am now, self crowned King of all Fashion."

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Be the Bear


See how much more fabulous I look than that unstylish loser next to me?

dsc00178Ok, so we’ve discussed accessorizing with live animals, now we’ll look at actually BECOMING an animal yourself.  It may seem like a drastic measure, but nothing draws attention to oneself more than dressing up like a wild animal.  It may seem strange to the faint-hearted, but trust me, this spring, this look is going to be all around.

While a dragon would be the obvious choice, it is hard to pull off, seeing as dragons aren’t real, and you won’t be fooling anyone.

The next best choice is a grizzly bear.  I’ve had this bear hat for years, but the hat alone does not make the man…er…bear.  No, in addition to a full ensemble of bear like wear, I must BE the bear.  When I put on this outfit, I become Bernard the Grizzly Bear.  My transformation is so complete, so real, that when I walk into a party, people get scared.  You can see it in their eyes, for a split second, they think to themselves “Holy $hit, there is a F$%^ing bear in here!”.  They look for the exits.  Then better judgment takes hold and they realize its just me, the King of all Fashion, making another fabulously triumphant entrance.

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