Live Accessorization

While we’re on the topic, I cannot stress enough the impotence of adding accessories to your ensemble.  Accessories are like extra credit in the fashion world, and really show people you know how to flaunt your look.

Many people ask me “Accessories seem to be sort of limited, I mean what kind of new spin can you put on the same old shoes, hats, belts, etc?”  My answer to this is usually “Please go away, you lack vision”.  But when I’m feel particularly generous, I’ll explain that the next level in fashion accessories are living ones.

Living accessories add a sense of flair and confidence to your outfit.  Adding a live animal to your ensemble draws much attention.

For example, I often accessorize with cats.


When selecting cats, I prefer to go with matched sets.   Making a look work is all about going the extra mile, so consider taking the time to find two identical felines, such as these.


Here you’ll notice I’ve matched the cats with the environment.  Paying attention to detail is what makes me the King!


Get creative! This is a shot of a new idea that I have a patent pending on called Cat Hat™, which  I will post in full about once the first round of adventure capital funding has gone through.

Until next time,

5 comments to Live Accessorization

  • The King for president! 😀 It’s easy for you to accessorize with two felines. Try to make a RottweilerCap (RottieCat)! Buahaha, buahaha 🙂 I can’t afford 2 cats per day — you know, my RottieCap would try to destroy other accessories (cats) …

    I must say it, I must: you lucky accessorizer, you! 😀

  • Thanks for making me almost choke on my lunch from laughing so hard. When can I get a cat hat??!

  • admin

    Ryan, we’re working on perfecting “Cat Hat”. In the prototyping stages right now, trying to humanely keep the hat from getting angry in the wearing process. Stay tuned to this site for updates. I’ll mark you down as one of the first recipients.

  • F.

    …man… I have no idea how I get here, but I laugh my eyes out… The Best!!

  • admin

    Sometimes things just work out my friend. Now you got the knowledge you need to be fashionable. Keep coming back. Best wishes, keep it fresh.

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